~ Linda M., Monroe, NJ


After suffering for almost two years with frightening and painful psychic attacks, i luckily found Marcus who correctly diagnosed what the problem was and miraculously eradicated it by utilizing his amazing paranormal abilities.  What Marcus accomplished was no less than life changing.  I will never forget what he did to help me!

​Linda's follow up:


To Marge and to the amazing Marcus (Alcaide)

I don't know what I would have done without your help. My life was one scary mess before 
Marcus/Alcaide helped me to rid something very mean and angry that followed me wherever I went. It is a miracle to have my life back! It was nothing short of miraculous to witness all that Marcus did and quickly too! I am forever grateful.

Marcus and Marge are the only real deal around as far as I know!

Thank you! Alan and I love you both!

~ Tracey C., Mays Landing NJ


​​"Thank you so much. You got rid of all that negativity and activity that was going inside the house. I feel much safer!"

~ Jenn Hill, Brielle, NJ


 " It was about 10:30 in the morning when my neighbor downstairs  called me to alert me my dog was barking non-stop for at least a half hour, I was able to hear the barking in the background. Violet, my dog is always very quiet and sweet. She has only barked when someone knocks  in the door.  Very concerned, I left work to go home and assess the situation. I was a half hour away from my apartment. My neighbor called a few more time's I was  while driving. She heard banging upstairs too and was really scared! Violet had not stopped barking!  I was imagining the worst  scenario's, and growing more fearful the closer I got to home! I called the police to assist me up stairs, I was afraid what I'd find.While I was waiting for the police, I couldn't listen to my dog anymore! It was heart wrenching!! She was afraid of something! I opened the door and called for her to come out. I have never seen her more happy to see me! She jumped on top of me and was hugging me!.
       The police arrived. They went up first and I followed. Violet did not want to go back in. Once in the apartment, we all searched everything ... Nothing was out if place! Bizarre!! I brought Violet back to work with me so I could watch how she was doing.She never pulled out of it during the day. Whatever happened made her very fearful and sad. She was spooked! When I got home I called Marcus. He came over almost immediately and brought his Holy Water! He assessed the apartment and Violet. Sure enough! There had been a male spirit in my apartment  that day! He was opening and closing closet and bedroom doors ( the banging). Hence all the barking...
     Marcus' powers and insight are so cued in that he was capable of tracking what the spirit was up to and if he were a threat and if he was still there. He ( the male spirit) was not in my apartment anymore and according to Marcus, was not an evil entity. But scared the hell out of my poor traumatized Violet!
      Marcus took the Holy water and warded off any spirits from coming  to us by placing the cross with the water in the walls. And blessed every room. While he was doing this ritual, Violet was following him and becoming more  pleasant and at easy by the minute. After Marcus had healed our living space, he put a cross of Holy water on Violets head. Within 30 seconds Violet started playing and acting like herself! All day the next day, she was fine!
 Marcus' amazing ability and  strength really saved a very concerning and scary situation."
 Thank you Marcus!



~ Jackie Prosper, Brick, NJ


" My family and I called in for spiritual help. I was experiencing a presence in our back yard coming from a corner of our fence. When Marcus went to investigate, he found a portal.

Marcus asked if there was a recent death in the family. I told him, yes, my brother in law was tragically killed a few years ago.

Marcus has a compassion and an affinity for the spirit world. I actually felt the energy that Marcus was projecting. It was all around me.

Thanks to Marcus, my family and I now have closure knowing my brother in law is finally at peace in heaven. We knew he was among us for years!!"


~ Marge "Mom" Ascari


" I first knew Marcus would have a "special purpose" when I was pregnant with him. I was cleaning an office building one night and noticed a balloon in the office of one of the employees. She was also pregnant and due any day. The balloon said, "Babies are Special". About an hour later, after working my way to the other side of the building, I turned around and that balloon was RIGHT behind me! I freaked out because there was no way to explain how it got there other than something paranormal?  I wasn't scared because it seemed like a positive message, that my baby was special. Visiting great grandparents maybe?

 After Marcus was born, I noticed he would look up above him, smile, and kick his feet. He seemed   to be reacting to something, but there was nothing there! I wondered if he was seeing something I didn't. Again, it made me feel good to think that perhaps one of his deceased great grandparents were there watching over him.

Years went by and those things slipped from my mind. As time went on, Marcus began showing signs of depression. He felt like he didn't fit in and had a hard time making friends. Sports didn't interest Marcus, but I thought that if he just found something he was passionate about, he would be able to think more positively. That never happened though, and the depression worsened to the point where no medication or therapy could help. I felt so helpless because I wanted more than anything for him to feel better but nothing I did made a difference.

Then one day when we were driving in the car, he told me, "Mom, I see spirits". I have to say, I wasn't expecting to hear that!. After asking lots of questions, I asked why he hadn't told me before. He said, "I was afraid you would think I was crazy.".

In the following days and weeks, we had LOTS of conversations about his abilities and how they had developed over the years. He was so passionate about it and he WANTED me to ask questions. I think it was such a relief that I believed what he was saying and that I was actually very fascinated by it! The more we talked, the more I realized how important his gift was to him and how much it meant to him that I was on his side. I was just happy that he was finally interested in something! I do wish he had talked to me sooner though. Other than confiding in two friends, Marcus held this secret his entire life  because he was afraid of how people would react and what they would think of him. I can't imagine what it must have been like for him, feeling like he had to hide such a huge part of himself from everybody, including his family.

In recent months, I'm happy to say that Marcus has shared his secret with a few more trustworthy people. As time goes on,  his depression seems to be much less of an issue. I guess a big weight has been lifted and he feels free to be himself without being judged, at least by those of us who know and love him.

 Now that I know his secret, I can encourage him to follow the path that he was meant to take. I support him and believe in him 100% and I'm so happy to finally know his "special purpose". I know in my heart that this is what he was born to do and I wish him nothing but the BEST. I couldn't be more proud <3

* An added note: When Marcus was younger, strange things were happening in our basement at night. This only happened on a few occasions, but there were a couple of instances where the TV would turn on spontaneously, or Marcus' toy swords would make "ka-ching" sounds, all while we were in bed. I would go downstairs with my heart beating a thousand BPM, to find nothing. Now I know that it WAS something. Luckily, thanks to Marcus, it isn't there anymore!!

Alcaide's Spirit Cleansing

Remove spirits, ghosts, demons from the home


~ Garrett Nelson, Neptune, NJ


I knew Marcus for 4 years and I never knew about his gift until I was assaulted by a demon in my very own basement. This demon was powerful enough to grab the back of my head and attempt to slam me into the nearby air hockey table. I told Marcus about the incident and he told me he could take care of it. The same day, he came to my basement and made contact with the demon. He quickly expunged the demon and cleansed my basement. I’ll admit to being skeptical at first but I haven’t had a disturbance since and I can only chalk it up to the work of Marcus Ascari. Thanks so much Marcus. I am able to live in peace in my home now.