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Paranormal Solutions

While at home, we are supposed to feel safe. For those living or working in a haunted location, feeling secure and at ease is next to impossible.

If you or someone you know is experiencing paranormal activity,  Alcaide's Spirit Cleansing can help.  I am not a paranormal investigator and I don't spend hours collecting evidence to figure out if there is something paranormal going on. If spirits, ghosts, or negative entities are present I will know it because I am sensitive to their energies. The more negative the energy is, the more my senses are heightened, but I am able to detect the energy of all spirits whether they are human or not. Once it is determined that there is a presence, I will do my best to remove it. (Sometimes harmless spirits don't want to move on. I won't force them to leave if they mean no harm to the living. We must show them respect just as we would have in life.).

My goal is to not only identify the problem, but to bring peace to the dead as well as the living. This is what I do. It isn't a hobby, it is my purpose and I am trained to do it. 

Whether you are in need of an inspection, house cleanse,  spirit barrier, or any other paranormal service, I am confident that I can bring peace to you and your household.

My services are performed in person for a very reasonable fee. There's no need to live in danger and fear any longer. Contact me as soon as possible because dealing with the paranormal can be very dangerous.

Alcaide's Spirit Cleansing